About Kevin Boucher

Self-taught web developer with more than a dozen years of experience developing web-applications in a variety of industries. A proponent of user-centric design and web-standards, I also believe it is important to analyze the costs/benefits of any design and implementation decisions. Enjoys developing UIs on the ASP.NET MVC platform relying heavily on AJAX/JSON to develop responsive and efficient user interactions that are also easy to troubleshoot and maintain.


Most recently Kevin worked with me on the SolarWinds Web Properties Development team, where I hired Kevin on a 6 month contract as I knew he produced top-notch web code. Kevin produces quality work at a very fast pace, a very dependable web developer, with a great work ethic. I highly recommend Kevin as a Web Developer.

Steve McGregory  - http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinpaulboucher

Kevin is an outstanding web developer. His knowledge of the web standards compliant website design and implementation is second to none. I’ve worked with Kevin on multiple projects where he implemented website designs which were extremely user friendly. The websites were very easily changeable with minimal impact on the code. Kevin is passionate about the work he does and goes out of his way to keep up with the current trends in the website development. He would be a valuable asset to any company.

Gunjan Gupta  - http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinpaulboucher

While at SolarWinds, Kevin has been a key part of our web development team. As a technical member of the Marketing Team, I looked to Kevin to help us deliver new/enhanced functionality every week, typically in very aggressive timeframes. Kevin has consistently been a reliable and enjoyable colleague – he takes time to understand the business objectives, is able to communicate with non-techincal colleagues, and has been a big contributor to the quick growth and rapid evolution of our SolarWinds website. I’d enjoy the opportunity to work with Kevin in the future.

Mark Beavers  - http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinpaulboucher

Kevin is an extremely efficient and hard-working web developer. He completely revamped TippingPoint’s graphic user interface and turned it into a very professional, robust application including the exact features we asked for. I recommend Kevin very highly as an engineer.

Joanna McDaniel Burkey  - http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinpaulboucher

I worked with Kevin for nearly two years on a development team at Incisent Technologies. Kevin is a user interface master. He is a continuous learner, always expanding his knowledge by adopting new technologies, learning new design patterns, or delving into lower layers of the application stack. Kevin is passionate about his work and takes pride in working to improve application usability. He brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to his projects. Kevin is dedicated with that ‘old fashioned’ work ethic that seems harder to find these days.

Daniel Hillis  - http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinpaulboucher